Who We Represent

Our clients are as diverse as our areas of practice. We regularly represent:

  • Public and private corporations of all sizes.
  • Investment funds, private equity funds, other asset managers, and their limited partners.
  • Real estate developers, operators, and financiers.
  • Executives, officers, and other high-net-worth individuals.

For these and other clients, Glenn Agre plays both offense and defense. Our lawyers are as comfortable pressing fraud and malpractice claims against investment banks and Big Four accounting firms as they are defending claims for unfair competition and trademark infringement.

What our clients have in common is this: high-stakes disputes that demand the smartest, strongest, and savviest representation.

Why We Win

Our litigation work spans a variety of subject areas, but our one true discipline is trial lawyering.

From the moment we take on a dispute, we think about presenting our client’s case at trial. That focus drives us to quickly identify the pressure points in any litigation matter. We leverage these points to extract favorable settlements before matters ever reach the trial stage. Our trial focus is also beneficial after the fact, informing our work as effective appellate advocates. For us, all phases of a case are all part of a single process in which we tell our clients’ stories in the most compelling way possible. 

In those matters that do reach trial, we draw on the experience of a team—including a former prosecutor and a former public defender—that has collectively tried hundreds of matters before courts and arbitrators. We use that experience to distill complex facts into easily understood narratives and consistently succeed in persuading decision makers.