Andrew Glenn is featured in a Law360 Pulse Movers and Shakers Q&A where he discusses the firm’s mission and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, its views around remote work, and how it plans to compete with the industry’s elite law firms.

In addressing the firm’s prioritization of DEI, Glenn notes: “The way I think of it is, our firm was founded on those principles, our firm has executed on those principles from day one…I think, when you start with that on day one and it’s kind of embedded in your firm’s DNA, I think that it’s more credible to the outside world. We have two men and two women in our firm name and that was not an accident. That was very much intentional. We have a Latina in our firm name and that wasn’t an accident. We have been mindful of all these things from day one.”

When it comes to profitability and attracting top talent, Glenn discusses the firm’s associate bonus scale match, elaborating that: “The talent pool that we want to tap into is the same talent as the big firms that have announced these bonuses, and I think we want to attract a specific subset of folks who buy into our mission. But to attract that talent you have to pay people at market rate. We all work hard, and I believe it’s important to reward people with compensation that’s correlative to the work they perform for the firm. I think we’ve succeeded in hiring really amazing associates, both folks who we brought along with us from Kasowitz, but we’ve hired a handful since then and we’re still hiring now. To attract who we believe are highly talented lawyers, you need to pay them. It’s really that simple.”


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