Founding partner Lyn Agre has been recognized by the Daily Journal as a 2023 Top White-Collar Lawyer. The annual list honors the top performing attorneys in California specializing in white-collar defense.  

Throughout her 20-plus years of practice, Lyn has represented major corporations and individuals in a wide array of criminal matters, ranging from fraud and antitrust to securities, insurance, and public corruption.  

 Lyn’s recent engagements include a case involving insider trading allegations, which was settled pre-plea, and handling a recent indictment in a wire and bank fraud. In her profile, Lyn told the Daily Journal, “All of the cases come back to the common theme of lack of intent and pose significant reputational risks to the clients and their companies.”   

Reflecting on the changes in the white-collar defense field, Lyn noted: “Defending wealthy or individuals perceived as wealthy has become more challenging in our polarized society. It is important to keep the focus on the alleged acts rather than extrinsic factors.”  

Read Lyn’s profile here.