Glenn Agre is featured, and Andrew Glenn is quoted, in an American Lawyer article that looks back at the firm’s successful first year. Formed during the pandemic, the article notes how the firm was well-positioned to be flexible and keep overhead costs low, helping its business flourish.

In addressing Glenn Agre’s strong growth over its first year, Andrew noted that: “We succeeded in large part due to the support of the legal community. We aren’t competing with Kirkland and Milbank, but folks there have been instrumental in our success. Referrals from other firms have been critical.”

The article also discusses how Glenn Agre was one of a limited number of smaller, boutique firms that chose to match the 2021 associate salary and bonus schedule of their Big Law counterparts, with Andrew stating: “Our lure is that we give people significant experience, responsibility and the compensation reflects that. But our expectations are that you are working really hard. And we are going to pay you well.”

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