Olga Lucia Fuentes-Skinner has been recognized by Profiles in Diversity Journal as a 2022 Latino Leader Worth Watching. This year’s honorees have demonstrated talent and skill, a dedication to excellence, a willingness to mentor and support the next generation, and a commitment to the broader community.

A veteran trial lawyer with over 20 years of experience, Olga has earned a reputation as a leading commercial and white-collar litigator while building a diverse firm and practice that reflects her own upbringing. Growing up as one of the few students of color in her class, Olga gravitated toward the lessons of the civil rights movement and the idea that with decisions like Brown v. Board of Education, people could change unjust laws and new laws could transform millions of lives for the better.

She has carried that understanding with her throughout her career as a leader in the courtroom and a groundbreaker for the Latino legal community. It has animated all of her pro bono work and kept her steady on her course to help women and minorities achieve success and leadership positions at law firms where those communities have been historically underrepresented in the partnership and executive ranks. Now operating from a firm with her name on the door, Olga offers a more inclusive ladder to those coming up the ranks behind her.

In recognition of her achievements and leadership, she was recently named to Crain’s 2022 Notable Women in Law list, and has also been honored by Profiles in Diversity Journal as a Woman Worth Watching and by Latino Leaders Magazine as a Top Latino Lawyer.

Olga will be featured in the March issue of Profiles in Diversity Journal.